The Secret of How an Absolute Moron became a Marketing Genius

KnowledgeI thought I would get this series of articles started off right with a confession. You’re reading the ramblings of a moron. Yep, an absolute moron. Why do I say that? I say it because I have never had a truly original idea about marketing in my life. No, instead what all I have ever done is read, study, and learn what is working for others and adapt and tweak it for my own use.

The truth is I do not want to be original. I prefer time tested proven methods that WORK!

I wrote a book earlier this year called “How to Market Your Business: 51 Ways to Prosper in Any Economy” (available at In that book I included 51 ways (plus tons of bonuses) that I have used with my own twist (pun intended). The truth is not a single thing in the book was truly original and it was not intended to be original. That was not what my readers needed.

Why do I write all this about my unoriginality? Because you do not need some new way to run your business. You do not need this great epiphany. You do not need a light bulb to go off over your head.

There is only one thing you truly need to do to improve your life and your business. You need to TAKE ACTION.

You already have the know how. You already have the capability. You even know you need to take action, but it is all worthless.

My first day of college biology my professor said that all knowledge is worthless. The only thing truly valuable is wisdom and knowledge only becomes wisdom when it is applied.

Over the next ten days you’re going to have access to a great deal of information and every bit of it will be completely worthless to you until you take action.

So please hear my plea. Learn, study, read, and acquire knowledge, but then become wise by applying that knowledge.

For your business, for your friends, for your family, for all those that love you head these two words!


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