Recap of Day One: 100 Articles in October

Dale's RecapBoy the first day is the hardest.  Checking, double check, and even triple checking to make sure everything goes as planned.  I had enjoyed reading Patricia Bunnell How to Make a Rat with a Chef’s Hat, which is a great balloon design.  I think I will use it for my restaurant this Halloween, just remove the hat and give the kids a rat hat.

Boy is Shannon Fennell impressive with hand and arm face painting designs.  I always get a kick out of seeing a skilled face painter work.  It amazes me how creative they can be with paint and some glitter.  I am looking forward to seeing more of Sharron’s work.

After reading Bizarro’s article Is it Magic or is it Art? It made me think about the balloon industry, which is always trying to develop a new balloon designs that is artistic, but also be used while entertaining.  Too often, the art balloon designs are just too complicated to be done in front of a live audience. Making balloon animals for a dead audience (insert grown here) just isn’t right.

Barry Friedmen‘s, Tips for Building a Corporate Show has outstanding advice.  I wish Barry lived back here in Chicago, because I would love to buy him a cup of coffee and talk corporate entertainment.  This guy is a wealth of knowledge and I’m extremely happy that he has made time in his busy schedule to participate in the 100 Article in October.

For years, people have been trying to figure out how to crack the educational entertainment market.  Well I am happy to say William Beatty, educator and twister, is in this group of writers.  Williams article on School Teachers Notes for Teaching Children to Twist Balloons is a great start for teachers and entertainers who would like to teach balloon twisting to kids.  Here is a great outline to get you started.

When Jolene Jang uploaded here articles, I had to take a step back and go “WOW”. Her pre-posting made me look at every post uploaded to that point and work harder on incorporating colors and graphics that would bring out the writers vibe and mine.  Jolene article What’s your vibe? Will get you thinking. I know it made me think harder on this project.

Jason Vaughn, The secret of how an absolute moron became a marketing genius will help many people rethink their business and will take action on getting it done.  If you haven’t read the article yet, now is the time to TAKE ACTION and get it done

According to Jonathan Fudge, Success is 99% failure, then I am looking to fail 100% of the time. That would have been a great line to tell my parent prior to them opening my report card. However, most of our success comes from failing or the fear of it.  So never fear failure, it can only make you stronger.

The Art of Procrastination by Rick Mohr is very truthful.  It is easy to procrastinate; it is harder to stay on track.  Therefore, do not procrastinate any longer, go register for this blog and go read the articles you skipped.

I see Micheal Clay is now telling everyone how to develop a high ranking, well designed website. If you’re not following Micheal’s tips Website Basics for Entertainer, then don’t be surprised if your website placement starts to drop.  Keep up with your competition, by reading Micheal’s articles.

To finish off the 1st day of articles, an article by me Dale Obrochta on Developing 1st Birthday Party Marketing Strategy.  I love marketing and for me I look for trends or patterns that can grow my business.  Many times, I deal with a variety of entertainers who have multiple skills and businesses. What knowledge and experience I gain working with these individual I try to share with you the readers.  I hope you like the 1st day of 100 Articles in October and have taken the time to make comments to the writers and visit their websites.  So long, for today and looking forward to 10 more articles tomorrow.

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