Recap Day Four: 100 Article in October

 Yorick does a recap of 100 Article in October

The battle today was not getting last-minute articles posted, developing graphics, or even writing this recap.  The struggle came from a 25 lb little boy whose energy level was set so high at bedtime that the thought of sleep alluded him.  The energy vibes bouncing around the house kept his 4-month old brother from falling asleep.  At some point, I felt like I was in a Monty Python skit and was waiting to yell out No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition.

As I lay next to my son in the darkroom, hoping the sandman would quickly come and douse him with sleeping dust, but alas, young Yorick fell to sleep.  Yorick is not his real name. It just sounded cool in my head, and after all, how many times do you get to use a line from Shakespeare?

On Day 4, I had a great running chat with Barry on his article First Contact with Producers that you can read after the article.  I learned being a font snob is a good thing in What do underlines, font sizes, and capitals have in common?

For those who need more balloon instructions, How to Make a Balloon Flower a Daffodil and How to Make a Balloon Cocoon was posted.  Both instructions do require some finger dexterity, so do not expect to master them the first time.  More like the third time will be the charm.

The hottest article is the Secret Sales Tactic for Restaurants, but that is a secret, and I cannot tell you about it.  Therefore, you didn’t hear it from me. I should read Tips On Writing An Article People Will Read. Then, maybe somebody will comment and tell me if you are even reading these recaps?

We had a guest article by Jan Iiams, CBA — Creative and Education Manager from Betallic, who shares her balloon decorating knowledge on things to help make you a balloon pro.  When Artistry and Entertainment collide, Jason tried to explain Balloon Artists or Art?

Once I digested all these articles, I started to think how a balloon entertainer could incorporate some of Shannon’s ideas in Media Relations for Face Painters. Sadly, I do not have that much time to contemplate this.  It’s time to get to bed, get up early and get the last-minute articles in place for the 10:00 am kickoff of– 100 Articles in October.

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