Reasons to Send Out a Press Release

Spread the word through a Press Release

Since I shared the last three articles on paid advertising, I thought I’d share with you a tip on the free press as well. So today’s article is about press releases.

I try to send a press release out every month for something in my business. I focus on my local papers as they have more interest in small businesses that contribute to the local economy.

Some items you can send out press releases for:

  • Business anniversary
  • Convention attendance
  • Competitions you enter
  • Big name clients you serve or work with ( i.e. Last fall I went to a John McCain rally and gave the senator a balloonicature of himself. The picture hit the wires and was even covered by TMZ. I followed this up by press releases to my local papers for further coverage.)
  • Promotions you are having
  • Community work you are involved in

You do not want to send too many press releases because that will annoy the recipients and ensure your work ends up at their disposal. Once a month seems to be a reasonable time frame.

Try to send your press releases out when you expect there to be a slow news day. Many minor government holidays are an excellent time for such a thing because no one wants to do a lot of government business when they are going on vacation.


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