Looking Through the Rear View Mirror

It seems, as I grow as an entertainer, I’m leaving friends behind. I am not saying I am better than them, it’s just the direction I’m taking is going down a different fork in my career. Some people seem stagnate with theirs, while I’m pushing forward. I see them in my rear view mirror and as I go farther in the distances, connections made are being lost. When I look forward, there’s a whole bunch of traffic ahead of me with people forging ahead with their careers. It’s like I’m now in the rat race to catch up to them. I am working on promo material, new techniques, new ideas and concepts, all in the hopes that when I look back in the rear view mirror, I will see these people too.

The constant growth, the battle to stay motivated, and willingness to succeed, drives me forward and prevents me from looking into my rear view mirror and seeing where I’ve been. Looking back, it’s comforting to know the people back there, I have relationships with, but looking forward it is scary not knowing these new people. New relationships to forge and networking opportunities are available for me. I must keep driving and not put my career on cruise control.

If you’re an entertainer reading this and you’re in my rear view mirror, don’t let me drive off. If you see me in your rear view mirror, lookout – I’m on your bumper.

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