How to Make a Rat with a Chefs Hat

These instructions assume that you have twisted a balloon before and know how to tie and do the basic twists.  If wording is unfamiliar check out the Glossary to help understand what is beginning described.

Step 1. Make a basic hat base using a grey 260. Set aside.

Basic Balloon Hat

Step 2. Inflate a grey 260 about half way. Make a “bird body” or a 3 bubble roll through. Start by making 2 bubbles about 7.5 cm long. Twist together and roll the knot through to prevent it from untwisting. Make the next bubble a little shorter than the first 2 and roll it through the other 2. Discard the remaining balloon. This becomes his muzzle.

Balloon Animal Rat Hat P2

Step 3. Twist the muzzle /attaching it to the base of the hat joint. Set aside.

Step 4. Inflate a pink 160 leaving about a 10 cm tip. Make three 17 cm loops for his mouth and ears. Twist them in behind his muzzle. You don’t need the rest of the pink but retain the tip for his nose.

Balloon Animal Hat Rat Ears

Balloon Animal Rat Hat Attaching Ear

Step 5. Inflate his nose a little larger than an extra large olive.

Balloon ANimal Hat Rat Nose

Step 6. Attach it to the muzzle.

Balloon Animal Hat Rat Face

Step 7. Inflate a 5″ round about the size of a mandarin orange. Split it in half and twist in behind the muzzle for his eyes.

Balloon Animal Hat Adding Cheifs Hat

Step 8. Twist off a small bubble at the top of his head and pinch twist it.

Step 9. Inflate a white 260 about half way to make his chef hat. Twist one 6.5 cm bubble followed by 5 small pinch twists. Discard the rest of the balloon.

Step 10. Attach the hat on top of the grey pinch twist on his head.

Balloon Animal Hat Rat Wiskers

Balloon Animal Hat Create Rat Wiskers

Step 11. I have embellished him to have whiskers. To do this I simply cut a 160 in half and inserted the two pieces behind his nose inside his muzzle.

Step 12. I have given him teeth by making a bubble about the size of an olive. I tied a knot on both sides of the bubble.

Step 13. Twist in half.

Balloon Animal Hat Rat Teeth

Balloon Animal Hat Closeup Rat Teeth

Balloon Animal Hat Rat with Chiefs Hat

Step 14. Tie the 2 ends together.

Step 15. Insert under the muzzle. I also like to insert the bubble from the hat base inside the pink loop that forms his mouth.

Step 16. Add 2 large round circles for his eyes…

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