Putting A Twist on Captain America’s Shield

It was a very nice treat to look on Facebook and see all the people working on the Captain America’s Shield. I was especially happy to see a good friend Gerry Giovinco, AKA Captain Visual, took my basic instructions to another level.

Captain America's Shield
Gerry’s (Captain Visual) – 260’s Captain America’s Shield

I admired Gerry’s work and his view on designing balloon figures. I can honestly say his style of balloon made an impression on me when I started some 30 years ago. I read his book, Captain Visual’s Big Book of Balloon Art, and it transformed me into a multiple balloon entertainer.

My style has been to wow people with simple, efficient, 260 balloons. Yet, I didn’t want the world to pass me by, so I now incorporate some 350 balloons when I entertain.

Some entertainers find that 350 balloons can be difficult to work with, so Gerry has wisely eliminated the 350 balloons, used the same basic design, and created a very effective Captain America’s Shield.

If you watch the video you will see how I made the Captain America’s Shield. If you want to make it out of 260’s like Gerry — make five 260-loops, then insert the red, white, and blue balloon into the spokes.

Thanks, Gerry and to all those who gave a thumbs-up. I’ve had a blast checking the number of views along with the positive comments



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