Promotional Material

Magical Balloon-dude Dales – PDF Documents.

These PDF documents are designed to be printed and used in conferences, meetings to
discuss your entertainment needs or as promotional material.

Birthday Party (678)

Day Camp (76K)

Day Camp Drawing Program (209K)

Dance Party (445K)

Corporate Picnic Entertainment (135K)

Fundraiser (560K)

Halloween Party (505K)

Halloween Zombie Party (260K)

National Night Out (4,061K)

Restaurant Entertainment (75K)

School Walk Around (406K)

School Fundraiser Program (2,193K)


Balloon entertainment is not only entertaining, but it is addictive to watch. You will be amazed at how a balloon can go from nothing to this astonishing balloon animal in minutes.

Caution Poster

Download this high-resolution PDF file and edit the caution sign and bottom sign with event day and time. Save and bring to your local printer or Kinko’s for high-quality 11×17 promotional posters.

Table Tent for Balloon Entertainer Dale Obrochta, Magical Balloon-dude Dale

Download this PDF file, edit event text, print on a sturdy card-stock, and then cut, fold, and tape!