Practice Makes Permanent

History of the balloon animal dogChef Morimoto scurries around Kitchen Stadium tossing ingredients into pans with passion and percise
measurements. His measuring technique is like all Master Chefs, by eye.  Years of experience has taught him what a dash of basil feels like between his fingers. The Master Chef waste little effort as he mechanical and methodically prepares a seven-course meal from scratch.  Like many people, I watch and admire a true craftsmen do his magic on TV.

The elite have the ability to know exactly what to do, when to do it, and consistently do it time-after-time.  Consistency is only obtained with 100’s-1,000 of hours of practice. Consistent repetition and attention to details transforms the basic to the spectacular.  The more you practice the easier it becomes to remember and consistency becomes second nature.

From Master Chef to Balloon Entertainer the formula is simple – practice for consistency and with consistency it becomes permanent.  Be it a dash of basil or making a 2-inch balloon bubble, the technique will be the same every time. Once you achieved permanent consistency, you will dazzle the world with your skills.

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