Poke in the Eye

Add a Twilight Zone Effect to Your Balloon Design

The lighting effect adds to the scariness of the balloon figure.

Halloween can be about scary things that go bump in the night, or do you think it is about gore and blood splattered all over that makes for a frightful Halloween.  As an entertainer, Halloween is my favorite holiday, but to be honest it is hard to make balloon figures really creepy or scary. After all, I’m working with balloons and everything is smooth and round. No jagged edges or sharp points. Key elements like eyebrows, jaw shape, and mouth arrangement typically don’t have enough details to make it effective, and if it does, the balloon artist has spent hours and used glue, multiple balloon shapes, and techniques that are just too time-consuming to do in public.  In fact, it’s easy to make a balloon figure look cute than menacing, and to be honest that’s what most people like is the cute stuff.

However, you can take something simple in design and put some Halloween twists to it.  Things being eaten, sharks eating swimmers, boa eating hunter, or what about getting creative.  Here is a design that I made, Guy Loosing Eye.  Why not put your own twist to it and make the sword a lollipop, you know mom’s worst nightmare of a child running with a lollipop and loses an eye. Now that’s scary – think Twilight Zone, add a creep feature to your Halloween design that people are not expecting.  Not only will it be creepy – but it brings out the dark humor in people, which face it, we all have a dark side.

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