5 Ways To Make A June Birthday Party Better

Planning a June 1st Birthday Party

Five Things You Need To Consider When Planning a June Birthday Party

The May flowers are blooming, and restless kids anxiously count down the last few days of school. Baseball and softball are a weekly occurrence, with the sun shining longer each day. In June, birthday parties become an outdoor party in the Chicago land area with parents actively planning the 1st birthday party.

Here are things you need to consider when planning your child’s 1st birthday party in Chicago.

Weather – Being raised in the Chicagoland area, I have personally seen bitter, wet, cold day transform into a hot, sticky summer day in 4-hours. Days like that have frustrated parents moving parties from inside to outside, leaving parents wondering why they spent a week cleaning the house. My recommendation for a June birthday party is to do a surface cleaning of the house of all the areas where people will gather. If you become unlucky and the weather does turn bad, you will have a second option available of being inside.

Outside Inflatables Rentals – Small independent distributors have great cut-through prices, and you have to read the fine print carefully. These huge canvas jumpers don’t dry quickly after a rainstorm, and suppliers need to dry the entire jump house before placing them back into storage. These part-time companies do not want the extra work and will not deliver or set up if the threat of rain is planned for that day. Ask questions and read the fine print to ensure you have a jumpy for the kids.

Bounce House Alternatives:

Parents expect sticker shock because the price of a bounce house is not the same as a professional entertainer.

Why an alternative?  Weather.  I get more last-minute calls during the week from parents call saying, “I ordered a bounce house, and now we need to move the party into the house because of the weather, and I need an alternative for keeping the kids entertained.”  Parents expect sticker shock because a bounce house’s price is not the same as a professional entertainer.  A bounce house is just a playground toy, where an entertainer has learned skills that have perfected over the years, thus the price difference.

It’s Sports Season – Plan for party guests to arrive late. Sports parents have been battling the weather since mid-April and are as excited as the kids to play in the summer heat. Plan for a later start time for the party, 3:30 p.m., and expect the sports family to arrive around 4:00 p.m. I wrote a whole blog post on the best time to have a birthday party. Please take a moment and read it over and plan accordingly.

Graduation parties are a June tradition, and families celebrate the success of their children’s academic achievements.  Traditionally graduation parties start the early part of the evening, and you might have a couple of guests who leave early.

My advice is not to prolong the birthday cake celebration, but have the smash cake shortly after dinner. The smash cake will give the guest something to look forward to before they sneak off to the next event. After the smash cake festivities, serve birthday cake to the remaining party guest.

June is Fathers Day Month – Your guest will be gathering with their families celebrating, so expect more no RSVP’s from friends and neighbors. A universal problem for kids born on a holiday or in proximity to a major holiday.

Final June Birthday Party Tips

June 1st birthday parties are fun family events in Chicago as Winter is long, and when a 72-degree day occurs, everyone wants to be outdoors. Don’t overlook the fire pit or an external heater as June morning and evenings are chilly and if you want your guests out of the house, give them a warm gathering point for them to interact and socialize.

June days in Chicago are beautiful, so wipe down the outside chairs, open the canopy umbrella, clean up the back yard, and get ready to have a great 1st birthday party.  Enjoy the day, as a birthday party is a celebration of life and family.

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