Oppose the Banning of Mylar Balloons

On May 29, 2008, California has taken the first step in eliminating the sale of Mylar balloons. Instead of going after Pacific Gas & Electric to improve its equipment and services, Senator Jack Scott of California is seeking to band the sales of helium-filled Mylar balloons. Does the Senator understand that people will buy these Mylar balloons over the Internet, go to Toy R Us and buy a helium tank and make their own helium-filled Mylar balloons? How do you stop a mom, who is determined to have a large Mylar Mickey Mouse head at her child’s 5th birthday? You can’t! All the Senator can do is help Pacific Gas & Electric’s profit margin by banning Mylar Balloons – Banning Mylar balloons is not the answer! Once the balloons are gone the problem still exists.+

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