Better Branding and More Money When Not Called ‘Balloon Artist’

Welcome to today’s discussion on the crucial topic of avoiding generic branding in the entertainment industry, particularly for balloon artists, magicians, and face painters. This post will delve into the significance of establishing a distinctive brand identity and explore strategies to prevent being labeled as generic performers.

Each morning, my inbox gets flooded with Google Alerts, giving me the lowdown on balloon artists‘ gigs nationwide. It’s like a daily snapshot of the entertainment scene, showing me which industries, events, and communities are buzzing with balloon artistry. Keeping tabs on these updates helps me navigate the terrain of our industry, making smarter choices to boos our branding game.

Unveiling the Pattern: The Use of Generic Titles in Community Event Advertising

Over time, I’ve noticed a trend that I’ve come to recognize and share. Public events hosted by cities or libraries tend to use generic titles when advertising entertainment. I’m not saying this is exclusive to these industries. Based on the events pop up more in my Google Alert feed because nationwide, they are advertised more where Google Alerts can find them.

However, stage shows or library summer reading programs often list performers by name. In contrast, these venues typically opt for generic terms like “balloon artist,” “magician,” or “face painter” when hosting a public event.

In this example, we see the pattern again as it is a public event with general titles.

Reasons for Generic Terms in Entertainment Marketing

  1. The person hiring the entertainer doesn’t appreciate their skills or market value, thinking they can easily swap the act with another, hence resorting to a generic term.
  2. Sometimes, an entertainment agency books the gig but fails to mention the entertainer’s name.
  3. A generic name may seem more descriptive compared to a brand name.
  4. Advertisements often opt for fewer words due to limited space, leading to generic terms.
  5. Entertainers sometimes overlook the importance of insisting on their brand name instead of a generic title when dealing with buyers.

Name Recognition Means More Money

Big corporations, Hollywood, and YouTubers understand the value of name recognition—it translates to more money. As a seasoned entertainer, building name recognition is essential for success and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Here is How To Avoid Being Labeled A Generic Title

  • Specify in the contract/show rider that all promotional material will use your name or provide alternative names for your act or service.
  • Offer the client detailed brand social media marketing information to bolster recognition.
  • Supply a comprehensive list or link to businesses, schools, and events where your name or brand is well-known.
  • Share an example of how you effectively cross-promote your events to increase visibility and engagement.
  • To substantiate your name’s popularity, utilize a datasheet showcasing social media followers, blog readership, and website statistics. This tactic, reminiscent of my time in publishing, proved invaluable in validating advertising prices to potential clients.

Why Name Recognition A Must

  • To differentiate yourself from competitors and establish a robust brand identity.
  • Command higher fees since well-known brands typically charge premium rates.
  • Secure more bookings locally as your brand becomes familiar within the community.
  • Brand an event name, fostering a tradition that cultivates a bond with the event and attendees.

How to come up with alternative names.

I turned to chatGPT to brainstorm ten creative ways to describe Dale Obrochta, the balloon artist, for an upcoming marketing campaign. With chatGPT’s assistance, I swiftly compiled a list and refined it to present three to five unique alternatives for potential buyers, moving beyond the typical “balloon artist” label

Here are the 10 innovative suggestions generated by chatGPT

  1. Dale Obrocht: The Master of Balloon Artistry
  2. Transforming Your Events with dale Obrochtas, Balloon Creation
  3. Unleash Creativity with Dale Obrochta’s Unique Balloon Designs
  4. Elevate our Band with Dale Obrochta’s Signature Balloon Sculptures
  5. Dale Obrochta: Crafting Memories, One Balloon at a Time
  6. Experience the Magic of Dale Obrochta’s Balloon Artistry
  7. Ignite Your eImanainaion with Dale Obrochta’s Spectacular Balloon Displays
  8. Dale Obrochta: Where Artistry Meets Innovation in Balloon Design
  9. Make Your Event Unforgettable with Dale Obrochta’s Bespoked Balloon Creation
  10. Discover the Power of Balloon-making with Dale Obroctha’s Expertise

Here are a few choices I offered to buyers while promoting myself at events.

  • Back for the 5th year – Magical Balloon-dude Dale
  • Magical Balloon-dude Dale, back by popular demand
  • A time-honored tradition, balloon artist Dale Obrochta

The Compelling Reasons to Choose a Generic Name Listing

  1. This is a one-off gig and not your main business model.
  2. The gig is not in your marketing demographic or area.
  3. You are an independent contractor working for an agent entertainment company.
  4. Your political or idealogic views differ from those of the buyers who contracted your service.

If you want to enhance your branding, command higher rates, and gain a competitive edge, you must stop allowing buyers to refer to your service in generic terms. Keep in mind that when you work at public events, you have the opportunity to provide buyers with a concise list of 3 to 5 ways to refer to your business or even create a media page with graphics, terms, and ideas to promote your business better.

This article’s main takeaway is that you can dictate how your service or business is marketed to the public. All it takes is showing the client how you’d like your name advertised.

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Better Branding and More Money When Not Called 'Balloon Artist'
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