My first YouTube video commercial.

I am slowly adding video to the balloon store. If you’re not familiar with the store it sells balloon supplies and equipment to balloon entertainers. The first product I chose was the MacPump manual floor balloon pump. I figured this would be a good product to demonstrate.

I first had to get my background setup which meant I had to clear a space in the basement to shoot the video. Once that was done, I then setup the equipment and turned on the lights just to find out that with all the lights on and a spotlight, it wasn’t enough lighting to get a good video. So I stopped and went out and bought another spotlight.

I got home and started assembling the spotlight and found out that the plastic lock handle is broken. Now, that’s not going to stop me. So I carefully secure the lights and will return the spot tomorrow for a new one. My goal is to get this done in one day, so I continue setting everything up. As I go to move the MacPump it comes apart and the greased plunger swings and hits my brand new green material back drop. Wouldn’t you know it, I have a big grease spot on my new back drop.

This is still not stopping me. I’m on a mission today to get this done! So I clean the back drop off and continue to do the shoot. Michelle, my wife is watching Carter our son. So I take my close-ups and get ready to do the first shoot. Line the camera up, once, second, and third time.

Note to anybody shooting a video….. Have somebody working the camera! I spent more time trying to make sure I had the entire background, me, the pump and nothing else in the video. If I had somebody helping me I would have had it in one take, not three!

On the second take my tripod broke. While adjusting the leg to make it level, the knob broke off. I had to use a clamp to secure the leg. After I completed all the video I then went to upload it to the computer. That took another half hour to find the video cables.

Video editing had no problems. Going to do the voice over’s and guess what? My microphone headset is not working. So twenty minutes later I get that to work. All in all this was a major learning curve. The next video did go better or did it?

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