My First Impression of AI for Text Content

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming popular as social media influencers peddle the idea of using AI to generate text content for marketing. It wasn’t long before I found myself down a rabbit hole learning about AI and ChatGPT OpenAI generator.

If you’re like me and want to see what AI text generation can do before putting deep thought into a project? Then you’ll find yourself typing in content similar to mine.

My first thought was to ask a question about my industry, i.e., balloon animals. My question “What is a good balloon animal to make?”

ChatGPT answered as follows: A good balloon animal to make is a balloon dog! To make a balloon dog, you'll need a long, thin balloon and a small, round balloon. First, blow up the round balloon and tie off the end to make the head. Next, twist the long balloon into the shape of the dog's body and legs. Finally, attach the head to the body using more twists. With a little practice, you'll be able to make all sorts of balloon animals, from monkeys and giraffes to dragons and swords. Have fun! 

I can see by the AI they didn’t use my instructions on how to make a balloon dog. In my opinion, ChatQPT wrote the worst and vaguest balloon instructions I’ve ever read. However, ChatGPT can do more than answer a question. It can rewrite the solution and add to it.

My next instruction was to ask ChatGPT to “use this story but make it funny.”

Within seconds, words start appearing, and this story about Clumsy the Clown is born.

Once upon a time, there was a clumsy clown named Clumsy who really loved making balloon animals. One day, Clumsy was hired to perform at a children's birthday party. Excited to show off his balloon-twisting skills, Clumsy set up his table and got to work.
As he was making a balloon dog, he accidentally inhaled the balloon and started choking. The kids at the party watched in horror as the clown turned red in the face and fell to the ground, thrashing about.
Just when it seemed like Clumsy was a goner, he let out a loud fart, and the balloon flew out of his mouth, landing right on the birthday boy's head. The kids erupted in laughter, and Clumsy, relieved to be alive, chuckled and said, "Well, I guess that balloon dog turned into a balloon clown!" The party goers all had a good laugh, and Clumsy lived to twist another day.

However, every good story must have a moral, so I asked ChatQPT to “Add a moral to the story.”

The moral of the story is to always be careful when handling balloons, especially if you're a clumsy clown like Clumsy. It's important to pay attention to what you're doing and not let your excitement get the best of you, or you might end up in a sticky (or, in this case, inflated) situation. Always be mindful of your actions and think before you act to avoid unnecessary accidents.

My first impression of ChatGPT is this can be useful. Would I use it to write a blog post? Well, I just did that. Is the blog post helpful? Not for anybody learning to twist a balloon dog, but if you are working on creative text and looking for marketing ideas, ChatGPT can give you a good jump point to start a blog post.

Why Did I Do This?

There has been discussion in the Art community about using AI to create art, which some oppose for ethical reasons, and others say it expands art and makes it more creative. For myself, it inspires me to expand my knowledge, not only of AI capabilities but how AI adapts to challenges. An example of AI art. is the dog at the top of the article.

My moral compass would not write a story about a clown who chokes on a balloon, yet ChatGPT chose that as a “funny” topic. Its moral did have insight, but I felt it was not as strong as it could be.

Would I Use AI In The Future?

I would say yes. I’m not sure to what extent, but it has piqued my curiosity enough to play with it. Which brings me to the question? Would you use AI text generation or an image generator for your business?

My First Impression of AI for Text Content
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My First Impression of AI for Text Content
This article discusses how I used GhatGPT OpenAI to generate text content that went from a fundamental question to a story, which then I asked for a moral to the story, which the AI-generated.
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