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I was contacted by a local entertainer who is moving to a different part of the state. He wanted to know if sending out a press release would help him market his business in a new area. A press release is a valuable tool, if used properly.

My suggestion before writing any press release is for you to figure out who you are going to send it too. Why would these people even publish your business in their newsletter, newspaper, or through social media? What is newsworthy about you or your business?

When I work with companies having Grand Openings I tell them they need to write their press release so it is newsworthy and so important that it must be broadcasted, tweeted, and communicated to other businesses.

Things like economic impact always makes news. Are you creating jobs, constructing a new building, transforming a vacant lot or refurbishing a building, thereby improving the community? What benefits do you bring to a city? Why should the Mayor or even the local Chamber of Commerce care?

To create a good press release you must understand the reader and what is important to them. Every Chamber of Commerce and Mayor’s office loves to welcome new businesses into a community when you purchase a business license. Establishing yourself as a business brings an economic factor to the community. The Mayor’s office and Chamber of Commerce will gladly announce your business in newsletters and in local papers.

Research what the impact will be by having a business license first. Will insurance be required, special tax rates applied, and are there other regulations that the city may require? If the fees are acceptable, write into your press release, saying, “We’ve done extensive research and XYZ city has the economic growth potential for our business.” A statement like this catches the attention of the Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, and the Economic Development Department. These departments like to boast business growth.

Establish good will within the community by offering free service to local church organizations. The goal here is to create a press release announcing how you are going to give back to local organizations. It does not have to be churches; it can be children or youth organizations, or school events. As a new business, you want to show good will towards the community. Again, the Mayor’s Office likes good will, newspapers like reports about businesses giving back to the community. This press release can be sent to politicians, schools, churches; any organizations that meet your good will qualifications. Set a mile radius from your business to include other cities if possible. This expands your geographical marketing area to include neighboring communities, thus getting more municipalities involved.

Press releases are powerful, but you must understand that if you do not make an impact on a community you are not newsworthy. Again…. it is not about you…. it is about what you bring to the community, what economic growth, or good will.

Do not assume because you are an entertainer that you are newsworthy. You have to tell people how you will change their lives and what you will bring to the community. If you can communicate that in your press release, it is gold. If you cannot, then sending out a press release will be a waste of time.

Questions to ask yourself, before writing a press release.

  • Who will receive the press release?
  • Why is it important to them?
  • Are you making a difference in anybody’s life?
  • Are you making an economic impact to the city or community?

Again, why is it important to them? If you want a successful press release, it all about what your company brings to the community, not what you do.

Lastly, you will be writing multiple press releases slanted to meet the needs of that individual. It is not about quantity, it is about quality. Do not assume that one press release will fit all your needs, that is like saying, “All balloon entertainers are the same”, which we know that is not true.

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