How To Reuse Old Balloon Figures For New Movie Sequels

Movie Sequels 2019 Reshaping the Balloon Twisting Industry

From the new Avengers: Endgame to Aladdin, balloon artists worldwide are twisting up new and improved designs from years past. 2019 is the year of sequels, remakes, reboots, prequels, and spin-offs. Hollywood has 14 movies coming, with a potential of six more hitting the big screen this year.

Many of these beloved characters will be drawing families to the movie theaters, and as the movie popularity grows, balloon artists will once again resurrect old characters back into circulation.

Working in the balloon entertainment industry, I see the shares, likes, and pictures on social media as entertainers gear up for the movie season.

When I develop movie characters, I consider the movie’s success and its impact on my young clients’ requests.

I will be digging deep into my archive of knowledge and adapt models to fit my needs.

Here are some things I think about when it comes to creating characters from Hollywood movies,

  • Do I already have a good design for that character?
  • Which character is going to be the most requested?
  • Will I get more requests for the character in the movie or a prop from the film?
  • What’s the longevity of the character?
  • How many and who will request the balloon design?
  • Is it worth making?

When I first started entertaining, I was consumed trying to learn all the balloon designs and over time, realized four things:

1) I could only remember so many balloon designs.

2) I did not have the balloons required to make the design.

3) I have favorite balloon models I liked.

4) Demand for the character

The amount of time I spent learning and developing the balloon figure determined my memorization, supplies, design, and needs.

There are many designs for dogs, crowns, and weapons, but I have my favorites, and I always choose to make those.

I have seen it already with Aladdin, on social media sites as a balloon, entertainers post pictures of their designs, instructions, and sharing ideas.

Genie Aladdin Balloon Animal

2019 will have more movie reboots than in years past, which will create a new challenge for the new balloon artists as they struggle with unique designs. I will be digging deep into my archive of knowledge and adapting models to fit my needs.

The benefit of experience

A blockbuster movie does not always translate into a highly requested balloon figure. I remember learning how to make an ant in two popular movies, Antz and Bugs Life, which aired in 1998 . However, I only had a handful of people asking for an ant. The popular requests were for a ladybug and still are today.

Balloon Animal Ant

One balloon design has lasted me a decade.

Spiderman’s popularity has steadily since the first Spiderman trilogy started in 2002. I have seen many designs over the years, but I still use the same model. The advantage that balloon artists have today is the color selection and balloon sizes have evolved. These new balloon colors allow balloon artists to create characters that resemble the movie.

Spider-Man has changed very little since I first created him. However, I have been known to modify his wardrobe for the holidays.

Will you be dusting off old designs, or will you be reinventing your old balloon models?

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