Mom called GOAT: How To Make That Connection!

Unconventional Connections: The Power of Surprise

Recently, while at a client’s birthday party, a mom said, make me a balloon. Now, this was an encore that appeared as she hired me last year. So, it needed to be something that would catch her off guard in a good way. As she watched and guessed, I handed her a goat, which she was confused about. Why a goat? She asked—my reply. You’re the GOAT, which means Greatest of All Time. I watch her walk around the room, show off her goat, and tell them she’s the GOAT.

Reflecting on Connection

This encounter made me think we must connect directly with the client and our audience. When I’ve done this, the accolades, referrals, and my experience working with them have always been positive.

How To Connect with A Client

Active Listening: Actively engage in the conversation with your client. Listen not just to respond but to understand their needs, concerns, and preferences. Show genuine interest in what they are saying, and ask clarifying questions to demonstrate your attentiveness.

Find Common Ground: Look for shared experiences or interests you and the client may have. This could include similar educational backgrounds, parenting experiences, or memorable travel adventures. Identifying common ground creates a sense of camaraderie and establishes a stronger rapport.

Observe Visual Cues: Pay attention to visual cues during your interactions with the client. These cues could be subtle hints about their interests, affiliations, or preferences. Notice if they wear clothing or accessories representing certain sports teams, colors, or styles. These details can offer valuable insights into their personality and provide opportunities for meaningful conversation.

Engage Beyond Business: Don’t limit your discussions solely to business matters. Take the opportunity to connect personally by discussing topics outside of work. This could involve sharing anecdotes about hobbies, favorite pastimes, or recent experiences. Building connections beyond the professional realm can foster trust and strengthen the client relationship.

Follow-Up: After your initial interaction, follow up with the client. Reference any shared experiences or interests you discussed during your conversation. This demonstrates that you value your established connection and helps maintain a positive relationship over time.

Crafting Lasting Impressions: The Essence of Entertainment Excellence

As an entertainer, my role is to craft moments of pure delight—those unforgettable experiences that people will eagerly talk about and share with others. Whether sculpting a child’s beloved balloon animal, cheering for the client’s favorite sports team, or sharing a cherished personal memory, these gestures create a deep connection that resonates with individuals long after the event. These enduring memories will keep tongues wagging about the quality of our entertainment service rather than any fleeting discounts offered to secure our presence at their event.

As we navigate the vibrant world of entertainment, it’s clear that our ability to forge genuine connections and deliver unforgettable experiences is paramount. By embracing the power of surprise and personalization, we elevate our performances and the memories we leave behind. Your support and engagement mean the world to me as I strive for excellence in every endeavor. Stay connected by subscribing to my blog, where I will share more insights, stories, and surprises that will inspire and delight you.

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Mom called GOAT: How To Make That Connection!
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Mom called GOAT: How To Make That Connection!
Discover the power of surprise and personal connection in entertainment as Dale Obrochta shares his experience crafting unforgettable moments, like surprising a client with a balloon goat, at a recent birthday party.
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