How To Intertwine Speaking with Balloon Art

What makes you different from all the others? That is the question that I and maybe you have struggled with when asked by marketing people to define your balloon business.  For me, it was how I described myself.

In my mind, I see the balloon entertainment industry in three sectors.

  • Balloon Decorators
  • Balloon Artists
  • Balloon Entertainers

Three Balloon Sectors

Balloon decorators do the beautiful columns, arches and make the room, hall, or banquet facility stunning.  They create the atmosphere of the event with balloons. Decorations are built by staff who know how to work fast, have all the tools, and perform installation quickly and efficiently. These people work in the background.

The Balloon Artists create detailed balloon sculptures and use every skill they know in the balloon industry to create one-of-a-kind works of art.  Every detail is careful throughout, and consideration of color, shapes, and forms are selected.  The figures are done before the event by a very skilled artist who works directly for the client or balloon decorator.

A Balloon Entertainer is a person who uses balloons as props to entertain an audience.  The knowledge of twisting can vary from highly advanced skills to the basic balloon dog.  They can interact with an audience and can quickly create entertaining balloon figures.  These are the individuals that interact with everyone at the party.

Once I defined who I was, marketing became more comfortable as I loved to work with people, so entertainment was my passion.  This passion recently crossed over to public speaking, where I mix my entertainment, balloons, and public speaking into a presentation.

Speaking allows me to use all of the entertainment skills I have learned over thirty years of entertaining.  I needed an audience to hone my skills, the same as I did with learning the balloon entertainment business.  Many years have been spent entertaining families at restaurants, so I need a similar outlet to practice my speaking skills.

I started Toastmasters and exercise my speaking muscles regularly.  You may have joined or done something similar in your business to expand your skills.  Like many other balloon entertainers, I found myself wanting to share their new passion and moved to YouTube to share the newly acquired knowledge.

Still, having a deep passion for balloon entertaining, I have combined public speaking with balloon entertaining to create the iTalkDEO YouTube Channel.  This channel to helping people become better communicators while I twist in my balloon skills to make me different from all the other public speaking channels.  It all boils down to that marketing question, “What makes me different from all the others?”

If you have a passion for balloons, as I hope you do,  please subscribe to iTalkDEO and watch how I’ve challenged myself in each video to use the balloons to help convey a message.  In the beginning, I thought the struggle was to inflate the balloon and quickly learn to tie it, but that was not an easy task either.  I may look back at these videos and think– wow, I have come a long way? I’m sure you feel the same way when thinking about how you’ve grown as a balloon person.  Watch me grow like a balloon-twisting speaker on iTalkDEO who distances himself from others by using balloons to help you become a better communicator.

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How To Intertwine Speaking with Balloon Art
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How To Intertwine Speaking with Balloon Art
In this article, I discuss how a balloon entertainer needs to connect and express his ideas to an audience and how he has migrated from a balloon entertainer to a Speaker.
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