Don’t Make This Mistake While Shooting A TV Segment

When I arrive at the WGN Studio at 7:30 AM, I was greeted by the WGN helicopter landing in the parking lot.  I walk in the studio with Traffic Reporter Sarah Jindra.

I was directed to the cafeteria by security to wait.  Nothing special as it just a room with vending machines, tables, two TVs and a couch.   I took a selfie with the WGN logo.

I did chat briefly with Robin Baumgarten the morning anchor.  I’ve met Robin several times at the studio and the local restaurant in my neighborhood.  Several WGN tv reports live in the surrounding cities, and if you keep your eyes open, you see them with their families celebrating events and having dinner with family and friends.

The first time I appeared on WGN, I went with my Dad, and we sat in the green room.  WGN has updated the green room appearance but for my taste it a little too dark.  The green room comes with a bathroom.  Nothing fancy.  WGN is an old building, and it reminds me of an elementary school built in the 1960s.

About 8:55 AM I went outside to get ready.

For the past three years, I’ve been interviewing with Mark from the Stillman Nature Center The nature center brings owls to the Randhurst Fall Festival. A crowd favorite.

Well as I said in the video my time came to do the bump and with no direction, just a “GO!”, and this is what happened.


Finally, Larry Potash appeared, and we knew things were going to be different for the next bump.

The life of an entertainer has its ups and down and this morning was one of those learning moments.  Always be ready!

Have you ever had a time when you weren’t ready?

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