Look in the mirror

What do you see? Describe the adjectives that come to mind? Professional, fun, creative, inventive, sharp, magical, bright, cheery? Do you see these qualities reflected in you? As entertainers, we all have different styles, but we need to communicate these particular aspects through our appearance for most of us. If you do not see these qualities in the mirror, then you are not maximizing your “Return On Image.” Money is sitting on the table.

People have a 3-second attention span, and processing speeds are very fast these days. It would help if you looked worth the investment to get hired by better, more prominent companies for higher fees.

If you want others to perceive you as cutting edge or at least in this decade, then look like it. Showtime is different than your everyday wear, but you should be recognizable (unless you are painting your face). You don’t need to be a fashion icon, but when they see you in a baggy flannel shirt or your bum equipment sweatshirt and acid wash jeans, you are not with the times. The comb-over hair, Mister Rogers style or the big eighties hair, is not the mark of a current person. As a client, I don’t believe this person will know how to connect with the audience.

When I see an entertainer roll up in their pacer (car) with their backseat full of junk, a raggedy jacket on top of their beautiful costume, and a worn-out bag half-open with supplies spilling out, I lose confidence and credibility for them to perform their duties. They can be a top-notch performer, but they don’t look like it. You should always be aware and on your game. Think about all the people who will see you in the parking lot as you enter and exit the building.

Give your audience an obvious choice. Make it easy for them to choose you. When you take care of yourself, you send a clear message that you will also care for your audience. Your potential clients are evaluating your work ethic and reliability.

Have you seen the “What not to wear show?” How about the thousands of makeovers and before and after shows? These are essential aspects of our lives. Are you looking clean-cut? Does it look like you take pride in what you do? If you are wearing your favorite shirt you have had for 25 years, and your lucky tennis shoes, your potential client may assume you do not value them because it appears that you can’t afford more appropriate clothes. You won’t command your fee as a “together person” who values your client and gives them their return on investment.

Indeed, this is obvious information, but I see that balloon twisters may believe they are held to different rules. Your appearance sends a loud and clear message no matter what you are selling. You want that message to clearly say that you have it together and are worth your fee. If you wish to corporate events, you need to communicate your professionalism through every aspect, including what you wear and how you groom yourself. If you receive the big dollars you are worth, you need to look and act like it. Maximize your Return On Image.

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