Making the Cattle Call Cut

Could be eight hours for more, but won’t exceed 24 hours.

You can call it beginners luck or just lucky that I was selected in my first casting call for a talent agency. Now, I would love to tell you more, but I really don’t know much more about the gig. It’s an eight-hour gig with pay for each additional hour.  The whole event goes for 24 hours, so you are guaranteed 8 hours, plus an hourly increase if they want you to stay.  To top it off, there’s an added bonus if they videotape you at the event and use it in their marketing.

I still have a dress rehearsal ahead of me and the location is still undisclosed for now.  I have a gig booked, I know the basic price, not sure of the location or start time, but all I do know is on my first casting call – they picked me!

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  1. Welcome to the big time! As fast as the interviewing process happens so does the releasing of talent. Just received a call from my agent saying “the client just release 20 acts and you were one of them.” Oh well, I guess that’s what its like to work with casting agents.

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