Losing Weight Twisting Balloons

tumblr_mnleh5W4nJ1qarkdqo1_500What would be a low impact exercise that I could use to register balloon entertaining in my food log? After all, I was burning calories, but at what rate? I looked through the category groups and one jumped out at me…. Darts! Darts? You have to be kidding me… all those evenings in the bars sucking down cold beers, tossing darts, I was working out? Surprisingly, billiards and darts burn the same number of calories, 229 for a two-hour period.

Both billiards and darts were the lowest burning activity on the exercise list. Therefore, I chose the darts category for balloon entertaining. Now, when you look at my food log, you will see P90X workout 593 calories burned, food intake just under 1,884, and darts 229 calories.

I started a food log to lose that last 5 lbs and reach a personal goal, but no matter how much exercise I did, the scale was pinned at 160 lbs. OK, I am not overweight, but my goal is to reach 155 lbs.

I did not want to do pills, shakes, or other dietary supplements, or change my food habits, but I have read studies that keeping a food log keeps weight off longer and you lose it at a steady rate. It did not take me long to find an Android App, Lose It.

The app allows you to scan bar codes, key in food types, and log goals and activities. I quickly learned that those three Oreo cookies were not a good after lunch snack. At this point, I been doing the P90 routines and advancing through the series, so I was burning a lot of calories just from working out; yet I would work around a restaurant three times a week twisting balloons and would not register the calories burned.

I want to record the balloon entertainment activity hence I chose the darts category. So when you are at your next balloon twisting event, thinking about how many calories you are burning, it just may offset that fast-food lunch you crammed down in the car between gigs.

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  1. I too want to loose about 10lbs. even though I don’t “look” overweight. I don’t think I lost weight while twisting balloons at the restaurant but I have dropped when twisting outside in the heat for several hours. Great way to loose while having fun. Keep us posted on this process. I was told fidgeting, doodling and chewing gum can burn calories also.

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