This is my Life’s Work

A world class juggler was scheduled to perform at convention. At this particular convention he was doing Q&A secession and a show later that evening. While at a Q&A session, a novice juggler asked the question – “I’m a big admirer of you work and respect your talents, but will you be doing any new tricks in your act this year?” The seasoned world class juggler’s face went blank. You could see his eyes swell with water and he said in a soft, but shaky voice.”This is my life’s work that I perform for you – so to answer your question, no.”

As an audience we forget that the person performing has spend many of years perfecting his talent and we are to quick dismiss it as soon as we see it performed. So the next time you are watching America’s Got Talent, sit back and enjoy the show. You just may be seeing somebody’s entire life works before your eyes.

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