Life is Twitterific: Twitter and how to effectively use it for traffic.

Twitter Follow meMaybe you have been living in a hole and havn’t seen Twitter yet, but if your in the real world you have heard of this GIANT of Web2.0. Twitter is a powerhouse of content. With it you can track ongoing trends worldwide. You can use resources to find localized people who are potential clients. You can even get CRAZY like me and use twitter and a few other web 2.0 concepts and book gigs that your competition can’t touch (Because I am still actively using this strategy I am only sharing my twitter portion, these strategies can remove the need for a website if implemented correctly).

So Lets dig right in and talk about Twitter and how to use it for Localized business leads.

#1 A Single Account Might not do it for YOU

Every market I break into needs a specialized account. Lets say I am getting ready to start into the corporate world and birthday market at the same time. The tweets corporate people are interested in are not the same as “MoM”. This is something you have to understand. You need to not let the industry know what all your accounts are, sharing is one thing, letting your competition watch you generate leads is business stupid. Example, MANY of you follow 2 of my Twitter accounts, but I have almost 50. Last week I picked up a high paying corporate gig from 1 of the leads from twitter (weekend trade show, 3 days, paying full day rate, I do about 1 of these a month). These separate accounts do not need to mention your name, but need to be the authority on your niche.

#2 Don’t Waste Time on Twitter: Automate

Look twitter can be fun but if you are going to use it to the full potential then you need to be tweeting about 36 to 48 times a day. YES, that is once to twice an hour 24/7. The reason for this is if your aren’t talking your not seen. SO I use a program (man I can’t believe I am giving this away, I must be tired this morning) . YES it is a monthly subscription. NO I am not an affiliate. I do use this on ALL my accounts, and ALL my client accounts. This lets you write a tweet then rerun it 12 weeks later. So if your only tweeting a few times a day right now. Over time your tweeting will build into what you need it to be.

#3 Tweet for Listeners :Not about Cat’s

Unless you are marketing to cat lovers uninted, and are selling something to that demographic. Don’t talk about your cat. Not to be rude but, NO ONE CARES. The idea is to get listeners not just followers. I have 1 account that has over 10k followers and the majority are listeners. Many of my tweets get RETweeted. So what to talk about. Look at your audience. Find them, figure out what THEY Talk about and build a top 100 list (plug it into Tweet later).

Then repeat.

I publish a new list every other month my BIG account that gets me trade shows is now tweeting about 49 times a day automated. I log in thank people for ReTweets, Answer a few questions, and answer a few direct messages. This lets them know I’m not just a bot but a real person giving out REAL content.

#4 When you market do it right

Twitter is a social environment. Every Tweet needs to be designed to interact on a social level. DO NOT GIVE SALES OFFERS ON TWITTER. It just doesn’t work, I know I tried, A LOT, more than I want to admit.

OK FINE.. I’ll come clean and explain..

I registered 3 accounts for 1 market.

One account was specifically to send out offers and marketing. Over 3 months (that’s when I pulled the Plug) NO LEADS, 7.5k followers.

2nd Account. Was run manually. With only hand written content. After 3 months (got bored) I had booked 1 GIG. Whoo hoo yippee . Write home to mamma (Sarcasm heavy on last statement)

3rd account I still run. Used automation and syndication. 2nd week booked 1st gig. I am averaging 2 phone call a week from this account. With over 10k followers. Not to mention, I pick up almost 100 new followers each week because of the ReTweets.

So how do you market on Twitter.. about 4 times a day I send out a tweet about a newsletter or an article that I have written (this is the 5the guest blog I have written today), the articles is where I get people to go back to a website and sign up for a newsletter or goto a offer page on a website to sign up for a service. But I send them to a ARTICLE which redirects to a sales pitch. BUILD the trust in the social area, then move them to your sales funnel.

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