Let’s Start Finding Work By Asking the Right Question

I brought this idea to my Facebook restaurant group and think I can take it further.

Let’s look at the basic ideas, which start with my agent friend Steve.

A successful entertainment agent, Steve, once told me he acquired more work and was more successful than his competitors because he called venues and asked them a simple question. The question was short, simple, and direct.

If an owner is unhappy or unsatisfied or is now hearing complaints about entertainment, they are open to other options. Steve would call them days after the event, asking, “Were you satisfied with your entertainment this St. Patrick’s Day?”

Steve told me he could quickly, in one day, call all the local venues and country clubs and find who was unhappy or open to other entertainment options. If the owner or manager were happy, he would say, “Great! I’ll bother you no more.”

Steve’s proactive approach to talking with businesses and learning what problems occurred gave him a competitive advantage. He also found venues for his acts every St. Patrick’s Day.

Unlocking Success Through Savvy Phone Utilization

Your phone becomes your invaluable companion when seeking a swift connection, obtaining quick answers, and efficiently progressing to the next lead. The primary challenge often associated with cold-calling prospects is the apprehension that someone might answer. However, engaging with someone who can address your inquiries is precisely the fundamental objective of a cold call. Embrace the power of your phone to facilitate meaningful conversations and conquer the initial hesitation that comes with prospecting. Remember, every answered call is an opportunity to build connections and gather the information you need

Steve knew there were only three possible outcomes when making a cold call to a potential customer.

  1. Rejection
  2. Acceptance
  3. Leaving a message

In cold calling, it’s crucial to have a clear purpose for making the call. In Steve’s case, he dialed with a specific question in mind. Depending on their response, Steve anticipated one of three outcomes: a simple “Thank you, have a nice day” or an inquiry about sending a quote for the next year. It’s direct, doesn’t require a script, and has a swift result. From personal experience, I’ve noticed that most of my questions are left via voicemail when I engage in cold calling.

Finding Restaurants to Call

Based on my experience, I’ve discovered that searching for events online or keeping an eye on flyers sent to my house advertising events yields quick and accessible opportunities. While these are the low-hanging fruit, I’ve found that networking with other entertainers has been a successful method to broaden my search. Engaging in a simple conversation with a musician about how their holiday bookings are going often sparks a discussion. Musicians frequently share valuable insights, suggesting, “You should check out and call them, talk to…”

Why was this information freely shared? I believe entertainers, in general, prefer to see each other succeed rather than fail.

Navigating Networking: A Two-Way Street to Sustain Valuable Connections

“You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with” is a saying frequently imparted to young people by business owners, parents, and entrepreneurs. When dealing with networking individuals, I’ve observed that they are more open to sharing ideas and event information without expecting anything in return. However, I’ve learned that if you turn this into a one-way street – where they consistently provide information and you don’t reciprocate over time – the flow of information eventually dries up.

Building long-term relationships with business owners is crucial, and cultivating strong working relationships with colleagues in your field is equally vital. I actively socialize with jugglers, magicians, face painters, balloon artists, agents, and rental companies specializing in event equipment within my entertainment circle. Leveraging my cell phone, I foster lasting connections and, with time, gain a deeper understanding of the clientele associated with these individuals. Whenever the chance arises, I willingly share information or leads. In the grand scheme, these individuals are not just competitors but business owners whom I can confidently recommend.

Navigating Cold Calls with Purpose: From Lead Generation to Collaborative Connections in the Entertainment Industry

Now, let’s reflect on the purpose behind our cold calls. We initiated this process to discover new leads and send quotes. Along the way, we may encounter restaurant owners searching for alternative entertainment solutions. Perhaps they previously had a balloon artist but are now interested in a magician or require rental equipment. Leveraging our trusted network, we can connect an entertainer with a client, ultimately assisting a friend.

Personal Growth Through Connections: The Power of Cold Calling

  1. Build Confidence in Cold Calling:
  2. Actively market your services to local businesses that utilize entertainment.
  3. You will be establishing working relationships within your industry.
  4. You will grow as an individual by making meaningful connections with others.

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Let's Start Finding Work By Asking the Right Question
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Let's Start Finding Work By Asking the Right Question
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