The KISS for Balloon Figures

DolphinKISS, Keep It Simple – Stupid is the process that means, do not over complicate it. Every day I see balloon images and many times, they range from very beautiful to very basic. Many designs are over complicated for my taste. It is as if people need to add A1 sauce to Prime Rib. If the quality of the meat is a good cut, then just the look produces a mouth-watering effect.

Adding all the extra bubbles, oversized shapes, and detail does not make a better design. The beauty is keeping it simple when it is designed properly. Linda Twis Ted shared a simple, but well-designed dolphin in the Balloon Alphabet Game.

I like the design for its simplicity and that it is highly recognizable as a dolphin. Many times, you have to trade off looks for ease of design. In my mind, when you have a balloon figure that is easily recognizable and simple to make, that design is worth keeping.

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