Kids Games that Involve Balloons

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When you are entertaining at a party, there are a few games that you can use balloons to play.

I have used these with kids of all ages, from 1-99, and they all have a blast! There’s just something about balloons and play that spark the human brain, regardless of age or level. We all have a kid in us that wants to play and have a great time. Use these games to bring out the kid in everyone. Have fun.

1. Balloon Through the Hoop

This one is pretty simple. Create a balloon hoop by tying the ends of a 260 or even a 360. The kids try to sail a balloon through the hoop. They can throw an inflate 260, javelin style, through the hoop. Or, how about spicing it up a little by using different shaped balloons? How about a round balloon?

2. Balloon Golf

Set up a few of these around the yard but on a stand. They can even be at various heights. I would use a minimum of three hoops. The players play a round of golf. Like game number 1, use different types of balloons, see which ones are easier to “drive.” If you play this in the grass, determine if the “golfer” gets a replacement if the “ball” pops.

3. Balancing Act

Do you know those ostrich feathers that some use to do balancing games? I don’t use those, but I use an inflated 260. You can have a contest to see who can balance the balloon on various parts of the body. The nose, the toe, hands, foot, elbow….all good. How about a balanced race? See who can balance the balloon and walk the furthest with it still balanced on their nose? There are endless possibilities.

4. Sailing Balloons

I have sailed 260’s and 360’s. At the local sporting event in the Tacoma Dome, I have sailed a balloon from the top of the dome to the arena floor. Outside, I have sailed them at birthday parties over the neighbor’s house (The wind was at our back.). I have also had a 21-balloon salute…..It’s a blast! Here’s how….

  1. Fully inflate a 260.
  2. Bite/cut the very end of the nipple end off…hold the air in the balloon.
  3. Make sure the balloon is straight as can be. Insert your first finger in the balloon up to the knuckle, using the other fingers to keep the balloon from launching.
  4. Aim the balloon at about a 45-degree angle. Let go.

This thing will sail across any room, will hit the ceiling…I have had it go as high as 2-3 stories.

You can also shoot an inflated 260, don’t bite/cut the nipple end off. Make sure it is straight as it can be. This sails a long way too. Throw them like a javelin, and they just kind of float.

Adults love these things too. I was kayaking one night and had a pocketful of balloons. All I did was inflate them, keep them straight, and sail them. Pretty soon, I had everyone sailing the balloons all over that club. It looked like LAX in there.

Use your imagination and come up with your games to play. It’s loads of fun!

Keep on Twistin!

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