Perspective, it’s in how you view it.

A balloon jam or brainstorming for balloon entertainers happens when collective minds intertwine. They study discarded balloon shapes from all angles, trying to find the next improvement to a balloon sculpture.  Magic happens when the discarded waste transforms into a cognitive segment that completes the final design.

This happened to me today, when writing this blog post.  I originally was going to call this “Keeping up with the Jones” and was going to talk about competitiveness, but after reading my rough drafts, it was not for this blog.  It transformed into a motivational article right before my eyes.

Has this happened to you? You started with something in mind and when you finished it was something totally different?

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1 thought on “Perspective, it’s in how you view it.”

  1. Dale,
    What you say about new ideas is really true. There is another part of coming up with new ideas that has been remarkably effective for me. I have a six year old grandson who has learned to twist the basic dog and a lot of animals using that basic body. He often comes and asks me to blow up a couple of balloons for him to twist and then runs out of the area excited about creating something. I tell you, he has given me more than just a few ideas when he comes back with some kind of gun looking thing, or crazy twisting he has done with the balloons he ran off with. He doesn’t have any preconceived notions about what’s right or proper or normal. He just twists what his imagination tells him too. His work has be responsible for at least two new bird designs and at least a couple of crazy hats. Thanks for the post.

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