Its not About You

Reframe for talking about you. Make it about them.
Reframe for talking about you. Make it about their customers

Well, I promised I’d talk a bit about sales today. So here is a quick tip for you to focus on sales.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to sales is that it is about the customer and not about you.

A common question I get asked when customers call is, “What can you do?” The real question they want to know is “What can you do for me?” or “What can you do for my audience, guests, or child?”

It is not about YOUR art, magic, or performance. It is about THEIR audience and guests (especially if it is for a birthday child).

You can quickly increase your ability to sell simply by changing the subject of the conversation. Instead of “I” and “me,” talk about “you” and “your.” Instead of talking about the extraordinary sculptures, you talk about the thrill of the children as they get their ride-in costumes. Instead of talking about your beautiful face painting, talk about the wonder of the audience as you turn someone into a giant frog with a bit of paint.

This goes back to the ego challenge of performers. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, but performers take it to a whole new level. When you’re as impressive as I am and you are, how can you not tell the world?

One way to fight against our narcissism is to let other people build their egos. Try making a list of questions to ask your customers about themselves and their events. This will turn it around, and they’ll appreciate it.


Jason Vaughn (The one which it really is all about 🙂

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