It not Child Abuse, its Entertainment

BAM-260QIt was a busy Wednesday night at Aurelio’s pizza in Griffith Indiana.  I was circulating the dining room entertaining the local families with balloon animals when I came upon a family of four.  The mom was correcting her child for his overzealous behavior of antagonizing his sister.  I walked over to the table to see if I could entertain the kids when I overheard the mother saying, “Stop bothering your sister.”  When I arrived at the table, I saw an energetic six-year-old boy just having the time of his life tormenting his sister.  I quietly pulled out a balloon and the kids stopped and watched with anticipation as I fully inflated a bright lime green balloon and swiftly tied a knot.  While the boy watched in astonishment, BAM! with a flick of my wrist and the eye of a skilled sharpshooter, the inflated balloon hit its mark right in the middle of the boy’s forehead.  This lightening strike attack left the boy speechless and stunned. The sister, who was taking abuse all evening long,  busted out laughing.  The mom says, “Hit him again.” Bam, Bam, Bam one right after another.  I looked at the family and said, “Remember, when I do it  it’s called entertainment. When you do it, it’s called child abuse.”  The husband turned to me with a huge smile and said, “Now that’s entertainment!”

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