Inner Thoughts

Picture by Bright World Images

Do you feel like you’re expanding to a point that you’re going to break, but instead of breaking you expand?

Picture by Bright World Images

That some magical force is twisting you and bending you into a shape that feels natural?

Suddenly you’re interlocked with another co-worker and within no time you feel as if you’re one with each other.  No longer are you alone, but connected.

Sharp objects become an obsession and you go through life watching out for cactus, pins, and scissors. Subconsciously, you feel like you’re always on cloud nine, fearing that if your feet hit the ground you’ll explode. However, you have this impression your days are number and life is slowly deflating.

Nevertheless, in the hallows of your gut, you feel the warm love of a child.

The inner thoughts of a balloon animal.

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