Improving upon My Arsenal of Balloon Animal Designs that are Cute Looking

My goal is simple–to keep improving upon my balloon designs. Which by the way, is a never ending task.  Lately, I have been experimenting with new styles and find tuning some of my older balloon animal designs. I’m taking new designs and applying body, head styles and features to things I normally make at birthday parties and grand openings.  Here are some of the balloon designs that are now part of my arsenal of balloon twisting designs.

Teddy Bear














Which design do you like the best and why?

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13 thoughts on “Improving upon My Arsenal of Balloon Animal Designs that are Cute Looking”

  1. the giraffe is just so darn cute! It looks much more stable than the easy balloon 101 giraffe we all started with.

  2. I take alot of pride in my ability as an artist, but you are inspiring. I’ve been doing it since 1995 and I believe you are the best. Some people might argue about the likes of Don Caldwell, Ken Stillman, and others but in my book your the man. Thank you for sharing your skills.


  3. Marty… Thank you for the nice words. I appreciate it. Hope I’ve been able to teach you something that you can use in your entertainment lifestyle 😉 – Please don’t be a stranger to leaving comments.

  4. Dale,
    I have to agree with Marty and say that the Giraffe is the better of the ones shown. They are all great and I hop to learn how to twist as well as you. I do have one question. How can we get the videos that are on the web? I am on dialup we do not have access to DSL.

  5. Any of your web downloads.
    I was able to get the cancer ribbon but none of the others. I attempted to get the frog and was not able to, my ban would not take it.

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