I can do that!

Instant Mastery of skills, no training needed

Sitting on the couch watch Kung Fu and working out to the latest boxing crazed workout video automatically turns one into a Nina Master. Bring it on; I do these maneuvers in my weakly workout. I’m invincible.  A little knowledge is dangerous; we just over look all the years of training to achieve the rank of Master.

Later in life, we realize just because we can sew,  doesn’t give use the skills to become a brain surgeon. We can make the best running stitch ever,  but lack the skills to save a person life.  Now, I say this because I read many posts about people changing from decorator to balloon entertainer or vice versa. It’s like somebody who thinks they are funny then goes to open mic and bombs. They may have the skills to tell a joke, but do they actually deliver it in a way that people find funny? It looks so easy.  That’s what makes a professional comedian. This is true with decorators and entertainers. They may use balloons in an artistic manner, but very few people can achieve greatness in both.

Just look at the number of techniques, rigging, certifications, and staff it takes to pull off a big decoration piece.  When complete it looks so simple that anybody can do it.  Try it!  Do you have the van to hall the equipment, helium tanks, inflators, supplies and framing to do a top rated balloon sculpture?  If you do you’re a balloon decorator or a collector.  If you do magic you know about collecting.  You’ll have a closet full of tricks that are really cool, but you never use them.  That’s what most balloon entertainer have, a bunch of decorating tools that they hardly ever use.

Decorators see balloon entertainers just twisting a balloon and making jokes.  We make it look so simple, but that’s what we do.  Professionals make it looks simple.  Now, beginners think they can do it all.  They see professional balloon decorators and entertainers and think to themselves, “I can do that.”  Sadly, you’re WRONG.   Decorators and balloon entertainer’s work hard perfecting their skills to make it look easy.  In reality it’s not.  So for those who think its simple, take a class, learn the trade, and you will see the skills required to become a world class decorator or balloon entertainer. We practice to make it looks simple, because that is  how we want it to look to the average Joe on the street.

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