How To Write Blog Comments That Will Get You Noticed

Are you like me? Searching the Internet looking for ideas, projects, or how-to information? Many times we find this information in a forum or on a how-to blog.  We quickly read the news and returned to what we were doing, never thanking the person or leaving a comment.  If we were face-to-face with the person, we would at least say thank you, offer to pay them for the information, or buy something from them.  After all, the Internet is a great resource, and if it weren’t for dedicated people working late into the night posting things that some consider useless.

In contrast, others find the posts valuable reading material on the Internet would be useless junk. So please be kind enough to leave a comment letting people know we appreciate them sharing their knowledge or experiences with you. That’s what I’m doing now.

Here is how to make blog comments that will get you noticed:

  • Read the post, it only takes a couple minutes. Saying thanks or I agree really doesn’t do much for the authors hard work. Put a little effort into the thank you and explain how this posting has helped you or enlightened you.
  • If you’re a blogger the author will typically go to your blog and read your postings. This will generate traffic for your blog and help you express your ideas and views on the topics.
  • If the blog is asking questions or is seeking advice and you know of other resources, help them out. It only takes a second or two to cut and paste a URL into the comment field and type a quick note. You’ll be surprised how many other people are looking for that same data.
  • Give credit to the blog site. If you buy something from a company and you were recommend by a blog, let the company know. Companies are like people, they like it when people praise their work and services.
  • Authors like reading comments. If the posting is sincere, funny, or informative it is appreciated more by an author, then just a simple complement.
  • When posting make sure you leave correct contact information. Many times an author will contact you directly through email, so double check your email address before hitting submit.
  • Lastly, leave a comment. If you just read the blog and then go on your merry way, you’ve failed to get noticed – you failed at a chance to promote yourself, you’ve failed make a connection with another human being, you failed at making a new friend. So, DON’T FAIL, if you’re reading this entire posting – LEAVE A COMMENT, and you’ll get noticed.

3 thoughts on “How To Write Blog Comments That Will Get You Noticed”

  1. Well despite the fact that you think it is virtually useless to just comment that you agree, I do agree that it is nice to comment and show thanks for a particular post or just let the author know his work is being read. Naturally, I can see that if you’re goal is “to get noticed” that saying you or I agree may not do “get you noticed” but as an author and an avid fan of showing thanks, I will have to COMPLETELY disagree with “Saying thanks or I agree really doesn’t do much for the authors hard work.” Just showing appreciation is a reward in and of itself.

  2. Maybe I didn’t word it correctly – but just typing the words “thanks for the info” or “I agree with you” just by itself, in my opinion, is not as interesting as a complete dialog like you’ve provided.

    Your comments made me review my posting and evaluate what I was saying, which I find more challenging to make sure I communicate my thoughts correctly and clearly. Thanks

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