How To Use Balloon Scraps During The Shortage

There’s gold in them thar balloon scraps, as the transportation bottleneck is creating a balloon shortage. I’m finding myself using more and more balloon scraps because most of the colors I wanted were out of stock the last time I ordered.

Things I’ve learned

  1. Not all balloon animals need a body
  2. Reflex, chorme, neon, and pastel are alternative as the client only see the colors present to them
  3. Balloon scraps are useful when running out of colors

Decades ago, I entertained at Harrah’s Casino and learned that twisting balloons for the six-hour shifts, four to five days a week, will destroy an entertainer’s hands. I found myself twisting smarter and not harder.

The balloon shortage has me thinking about what I offer and how I make them this year? Before the shortage, it was very common for me to try a new design, not like it, pop it and rebuild it using different balloons. Now I’m thinking, how can I use the scraps?

Designs That Work With Scraps

Scrapes are excellent for adding details and when you need a small balloon bubble for a nose. Yet, if you stretch the balloon on inflation, you can transform a 260 balloon scrap into a 160 balloon. The stretching technique I find extremely helpful as 160 balloons are out of stock in many colors.

The last time I tried to order red 260 balloons, my supplier was out of stock. I chose Reflex Red by Betallatex as my substitute.

Balloon Scraps

Using half of a “red,” white, and blush on and an eighth of a blue balloon to make this Elf.

I should have used a green scrap in hindsight, but I used the ballons I cut in half for this design.

Santa was made with half a red and blush, one whole white 260, and a scrap of the blue balloon. What I like about characters with hats, prominent ears, or a face with details allows me to eliminate the body as the detail is all in the face. Santa is one of those charters, and if Santa has no body, either will Santa elves or reindeers.

If fifty people comment about this design in the blog, I make FREE video instructions on making Santa and upload it to my YouTube channel. So please share this blog with your balloon friends, and make sure they leave a comment. This will push me to make a video.

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How To Use Balloon Scraps During The Shortage
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How To Use Balloon Scraps During The Shortage
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