How To Use A Backdrop In A Balloon Display


Today, I will look at buying, installing, and showing you resources to purchase decorative backdrops for those seeking to improve their balloon decor with backdrops.

The day starts with Mary daydreaming about her living room. She envisions a cartoon theme display for her child’s upcoming birthday party that can be used as a backdrop for pictures.

With the popularity of photo walls and wanting to remain competitive, you find yourself researching new display techniques.

Weeks later, your team of balloon artists is working in unison, assembling, inflating, and the balloon decor is finished and is ready for pictures with Mary’s guests.

Enhancing A Balloon Display With A Decorative Backdrop.

Image provided by Gabby Volboy

There are two types of backdrops to buy.

  • Preprinted – these are mass-produced backdrops that manufacturers create using a generic theme or licensed image
  • A custom backdrop – the manufacture prints an image that you upload to their server on backdrop material

Both preprinted and custom backdrops come in multiple sizes and configurations.

Beware of Copyright Images

In the 1990s, a popular barbecue kettle manufacturer reached the height of popularity and was an industry leader. The product became so recognized that the company quickly found huge profits in persuing copyright and trademark image violations.

It wasn’t long before the company had a team dedicated to finding and suing companies for trademark infringement violations.

Why did I tell you this story?

At some point in your business career, a client will ask for a theme party with a copyright or trademark character featured on the backdrop.

If you cannot quickly find these beloved character backdrops in production, do not create one using an image taken off the internet. You will be violating trademark laws, and you and your company are at the risk of a lawsuit.

If the client insists on these trademark images, have them obtain the backdrop. Then decorate around their backdrop.

I would recommend not using these pictures in marketing material or using it on a website. If you choose to post an image on a social media site, place a disclaimer stating the client supplied the backdrop.

Backdrops Inside Vs. Outside

Installing a backdrop inside can be as complicated as outside. The main difference is an inside installation has no weather conditions.

Inside backdrops deal with ceiling height, room space, electrical outlet locations, and traffic flow. Many of these obstacles are easy to overcome as planning considers these obstacles at installation time, unlike outdoor installation. The unpredictability of weather, ground stability, and animals all can play havoc on your display.

Many decorators will use weights, stakes, sandbags, wiring, and conduit piping as part of the backdrop support system. These additional structural supports need to be pleasing to the eye and flow with the theme design. This is why outside displays require more planning and cost more.

Another obstacle is the wind as an outside backdrop acts as a sail and can blow over, causing damage.

Accidents do happen, and professional balloon decorators carry the proper liability insurance for this reason.

Where To Purchase Backdrops

I’m going to look at three different types of backdrop manufacturers. The first company deals with custom circular backdrops. The second company,, specializes in tradeshow banners and supplies. The third company, BackdropStyle, produces generic rectangular backdrops that are ready for shipment. is an exciting company as it offers round backdrop displays that have a 5 to 8-foot diameter. According to their website, the backdrops are printed on a microfabric that supports high-quality stereoscopic images, wrinkle-resistant, washable, portable, and personalized. offers Mickey and Minnie, Baby Shark, Baby Looney Tunes, Boss Baby, Cocomelon, Bluey, Elephant, Frozen, LOL, Mermaid, Rugrats, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Paw Patrol, TikTok, Toy Story, and PJ Mask banners. is the company I used to produce a customized backdrop for my school’s stage show. I required a foldup backdrop that could be used over and over. is focused on the tradeshow industry and offers many sizes and frame options. I found their prices reasonable for my needs, and I have used their products since 2018 and have had no issues with the backdrop. is a custom printing house and does not offer background images; you have to supply them with an image. – I have used this company for a Halloween backdrop that I use in my stage show. The backdrop was reasonable in price and has worked fine for my needs. provides a complete one-stop shopping for all photography & party backdrops needs; they strive to provide you with the greatest services, the best prices, and the largest variety of choices. offers modern, scenic buildings, Christmas, children, weddings, Halloween, and personalized backdrops.

Image from BackdropStyle

Using Backdrop In A Balloon Display

A backdrop aims to create a wall that helps build continuity to tie all the balloon sculptures together.

Columns and helium arches have been the standard, but organic arches are giving balloon decorators more options. Colors, shapes, and backdrop images help convey the theme to the party guests.

Another advantage is a backdrop can be reused, unlike a balloon backdrop, which needs to be built for every event.

Reasons Why You Should Use Backdrops

  • Customized backdrops are not easily replicated, giving you a unique product
  • The backdrop can be reused
  • The ROI on the backdrop can be averaged over multiple jobs
  • Backdrops bring continuity to a balloon design

I hope this article has helped you in selecting, using, and enhancing your balloon decor. Please leave a comment if you use or are going to start using backdrops in your balloon displays.

How To Use A Backdrop In A Balloon Display
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How To Use A Backdrop In A Balloon Display
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