How To Ensure A Client Gets The Right Marketing Materials – No More Vague Titles

In this article, I’m delving into strategies to ensure clients receive the correct materials and avoid bland marketing titles. Along the way, I’ll highlight common pitfalls and arm you with effective methods to educate your clients.

I might have been caught off guard in a recent email exchange with a client, but I prepared for it, and so can you.

Hi Dale, 

We are gearing up to share Facebook posts showcasing the entertainers scheduled to perform at the summer kickoff event on Sunday, June 2. Thank you for sending the attached flyer and write-up of the Art of Inflation show. Can you send a picture of you that we could include? Maybe a photo of a past performance or just a favorite photo?

Thanks! Sue

In years past, I could have spent a good hour looking for an image, but I now anticipate receiving this type of request, and you should, too. Here’s why and how you can not only educate the client but also provide key marketing material for their needs

Avoiding Generic Labeling

Generic labeling in advertising often stems from a lack of clear guidelines about your brand’s identity, resulting in generic terms like ‘balloon artists,’ ‘face painters,’ or ‘magicians.’

Establishing Brand Identity

Establishing and defining your brand is vital. Just like my mom insisted on the correct spelling of my name to nurses, “It’s Obrochta, not O’Brochta, and Diana, not Diane,” clear directions are crucial to avoid confusion.

Educating on Spelling

You might have a unique spelling for your name, like Michelle with one L or Steven with ph. For me, it’s “Magical Balloon-dude,” with a lowercase D for “dude.” Educating buyers on spelling is essential.

Guidelines for Spelling and Formatting

  • Correct Spelling: “Magical Balloon-dude Dale,” with initial letters capitalized.
  • Hyphen Usage: “Balloon-dude” is hyphenated.
  • Capitalization: All words are capitalized.
  • Spacing: There are no spaces within “Balloon-dude,” but a single space between “Magical” and “Balloon-dude Dale” in the text.
  • Stylization: No special characters or stylized elements.

Example Usage:

  • Correct: “Visit Magical Balloon-dude Dale’s website for exciting balloon artistry!”
  • Incorrect: “Check out Magical Balloon-Dude Dale’s latest creations!”

Safeguarding Your Brand

Some might see this as overkill, but I must safeguard my brand as a professional entertainer. I define my name, logo, and how I’m described. So, take a moment to determine how you want your entertainment service marketed and establish the rules for marketing it.

Failure to Protect Brand Name or Image

Many entertainers have faced situations where their competitor’s image, word, or name was mistakenly used instead of their material. This can be avoided if one chooses to protect one’s brand.

Taking Proactive Steps

However, taking proactive steps to protect one’s brand can easily avoid these pitfalls. This includes registering trademarks, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights associated with their name, logo, and creative works.

Maintaining Online Presence

Furthermore, maintaining a strong online presence and actively monitoring for brand misuse can help detect and promptly address potential infringements.

Investing in Brand Protection

Investing in protecting your brand isn’t just a smart move for your business; it’s essential for staying relevant and successful in the tough world of entertainment.

Educating Clients

Educating clients on using your brand name in advertising ensures consistency and professionalism in your marketing efforts.

Three Ways to Educate Customers on Name Branding:

  1. Dedicated Email: Send a templated email outlining your branding requirements with each gig.
  2. Include in Contracts or Riders: Detail branding requirements in contracts or riders.
  3. Develop a Dedicated Landing Page: Provide marketing staff with resources like images, logos, and guidelines on a dedicated webpage.

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How To Ensure A Client Gets The Right Marketing Materials - No More Vague Titles
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