Homemade is great when you are talking apple pie, but not for business

Take a peek at your business card. How much money do you think this person receives for their service? Are they high-end or low-end? This is a dead giveaway for a small business. I meet many quality people with unmemorable, unrepresentative, confusing business cards.  Examine your card again. Is it thick stock? Full color? Double-sided? Die-cut? Does is it look like you are successful enough to buy professional-looking cards? It’s better. Otherwise, you are hurting your business.

If you are an everyday, run-of-the-mill, generic entertainer, then keep your card “as is.” But if you are better than that, then get new cards.  At the balloon Twist and Shout balloon convention, we see top-notch balloon twisters who deserve to look better than “lame.” Your card reflects you and is as important to your business as your appearance is to your audience.  Fix your card, please.

I see again and again cheap homemade designed and produced cards from all industries.  If you find your card described below, it is time to consider a change seriously!

  • Template card that with a random design
  • Vista print free cards
  • Flimsy white paper
  • White cards with black printing
  • Do it yourself cards that are pre-perforated
  • Cards so full of information it is as if a novel was written on it
  • Cards with the print so small you need a magnifying glass

Why are you different? Show it! Why do you stand out? Explain! What do you look like? Show us!

Action Items:

Take 3 minutes to write down the following:

  • Write adjectives to describe each company above
  • Describe the service they offer
  • Describe their personality I.E. shy, quiet, approachable, friendly, mean, deadpan
  • Describe their pace, movement, tone
  • Define the type of companies you believe hire them
  • Write down how much do you think they make per event or per hour
  • Are you curious to go their websites? Why?

Look at all this information derived from a bit of a piece of paper. Now, evaluate and ask other people these questions regarding your business card.

The goal is to represent your company accurately but also to let others know you are successful enough to afford designer and professional-looking cards. Plus, it shows you have enough smarts to know how important business cards are to your brand.  If you think you cannot afford quality business cards, how can you expect your clients to afford you?    You cannot afford to neglect this critical part of your business and brand!  Go professional!

P.S. I would be happy to evaluate a card in this article if you volunteer. I will be glad to share my feedback honestly and respectfully.

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