Be Happy with Balloons


Be happy.  That’s my life.

To begin with, making something out of nothing is remarkable, but add in the ability to make somebody smile now that’s the frosting on the cake.

My passion for balloon entertaining has transformed a job into a career.  Yes, there are times that the plants aren’t in alignment, the money tree is bare, but that’s life.  The benefit I have is that I can control my destiny, and along the way, I make people smile as I go through life being the best entertainer possible.

My success didn’t just happen; I had to work on it as a professional athlete.  Getting the audience to scream… “Your funny” just doesn’t happen overnight.  Countless hours have gone into honing my skills.

The best part of entertaining is you get to meet people.  You get invited into their homes and share that specials 1st birthday, retirement party, or communion party.

Balloon Causion

I may be a balloon entertainer, but it’s the most fantastic job in the world for me.

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