Halloween Ghost that is Easy to Make

One of my favorite holidays is Halloween. It’s not the gore or the scariness of Halloween that I enjoy — it’s the creativity. That is why my favorite Halloween balloon design is the ghost, as I can use my imagination to change its appearance.

I can transform the ghost design into a scary, silly, or happy ghost. Few balloon designs offer such versitality, and that what I love about it balloon character.

Like the person who becomes creative for this holiday and goes that extra length to transform any outfit into a costume. I too, have transformed a simple white 11-inch round balloon into a ghost. Whtie 11-inch round balloons are similar to those outfits that don’t fit in your closet. The cloths had a purpose at one time, but now they sit on the shelve. It’s a Halloween tradition that we transform these objects into a Halloween costume. For me, it was changing a simple round balloon into a ghost.

My childhood consisted of only one store-bought costume. It was a lion costume that I had a plastic lion face that was impossible to see out the eye slits. When Halloween ended that costume was pushed around from closet to closet never to be worn again. I have some bags of balloons that I treat the same way. I bought them and the leftovers are still kicking around from area to area.

Halloween 1971

If you have a bag of white 11-inch round balloon lying around now is the time to put them in action with making this fun Halloween ghost.

This past Friday Live with Dale, I explained how I made the ghost and how to draw several different faces on the ghost. You’ll see how to transform the ghost into three different designs. — happy, silly, and scary all in one balloon figure.

Share with me what you like about Halloween or your favorite Halloween design.

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