New Grim Reaper Candy Cup for Halloween

Halloween is that time of year when I, a balloon entertainer, get creative with my ideas. The cute balloon figures are transformed into ghoulish Halloween treats. A trend that has been happening for several years now has been the balloon candy cup treats. My goal is to create a Halloween balloon candy cup party treat.

The balloon candy cup is a great way for an entertainer to upsell and provide more value to a client’s theme party. Halloween is no exception, as Americans have made this one of the top ten holidays for consumer purchases.

I know many of my colleagues sell balloon candy cups. I created a Grim Reaper for the sole purpose of being used as a candy cup display.

In this video, I show you a Halloween candy cup design.

  • What type of cups to use
  • How to transform a 260 into a 160 thickness
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to make the Grim Reaper
  • How to draw the Grim Reapers face

Start big and make smaller

Don’t be intimated by drawing the Grim Reapers head. The key is to make the eyes and nose holes larger, and adjust as you draw the rest of the face. Too often, entertainers start with small eyes, which throw off the head’s proportions.

New Grim Reaper Candy Cup for Halloween
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New Grim Reaper Candy Cup for Halloween
A brief article looking at how to make a grim reaper candy cup and the balloons required.
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