Google’s Most Searched Balloon Term: Balloon in a Balloon

A balloon in a balloon ranks high in Google’s keyword search. Who would have guessed that?

How to put a balloon in a balloon baffles many people. I get asked all the time, “how did you get that balloon inside that balloon?” “You mean how did I get a balloon in a balloon?” I respond. “Yes”, they say. Here is the trick, I just stuff a balloon in a balloon – it is not a trick. Just stuff a balloon inside another.

Now, if you are a balloon entertainer you are saying “Dale!” what do you expect. Yet, this is one of the most searched Google phrases. So for all those people Googling “How to put a balloon in a balloon”, here is how it is done.

Let’s put your new found skill of stuffing a balloon in a balloon to use.

Balloon in a balloon alien
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Stuffing a round balloon into another round balloon

To make the gumball machine, I needed to inflate little balloon scraps.  Then stretch the nozzle and stuff them in.  This is not an easy task, but this is how it done 80% of the time.  The other 20% of the time people build special vacuum chambers that they place the balloon in and reverse inflates the balloon.  Because the balloon is being sucked open, you can fill the balloon with objects.  In the late 1980’s these stuffing machines were very popular in the balloon stores and they would typically fill balloons with confetti, candy, and stuffed toys.

Gumball Machine - balloon in a balloon example


To make the chrome colored balloon, I double stuffed a black 260 twisting balloon into a silver 260 twisting balloon.  Stuffing different colored balloon creates new colors.  You just have to experiment with color selections.

Stuffing Tool.

Creative balloon artists have figured out that you can use Castration or Elastrator Pliers to spread the balloon nozzle apart.  You can pick up this tool at your local cattle shop or online.


Stuffing a 160 into a 350.

A trick used by many balloon artists is inflating a 160 inside a larger balloon.  Since the small balloon is inflated, the outer balloon acts like a skin or shrink wrap and creates a flat balloon.  In this example, I stuffed a 160 into an 360.  A trick used by balloon artists.  The 160 balloon is folded in half and inserted into the larger 350 balloon.  On inflation the 160 balloon doubles back and you now have a U-shape balloon stuffed inside a balloon.

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