Gone Fishing, be Back in a Hour

Like most professional entertainers, I think about how to improve my show/entertainment skills 24 hours a day—and after a while you just have to stop what you’re doing and go relax and play. I had a short list of thing to do that day like cut the lawn, fertilize, check my email and as the day progressed I felt less and less motivated to do anything. At that moment I realized it was time to go fishing.

I grabbed my pole and headed down the street to the local pond 5-minutes from my house. While walking to the pond I was still thinking about my blog, and what article I needed to submit to newsletters when I released that I’m still thinking about work. As an entertainer I stride to work short hours for high pay. Many times I achieve that, but too often I spend that extra time conspiring how to get more work. I’m not like I’m a construction worker, once I go home the job is over, but as an entrepreneur I’m constantly thinking about work.

While walking to the fishing hole, I started to whistle the theme for the Andy Griffith show. I figured since I’m walking to the fishing pond might as well get into character. Thinking about it now, that’s something an entertainer would do. Instantly break into a character.

It was a beautiful 76 degree day, the sun was out and I had the whole pond to myself. I started to sit back and relax when my cell phone range. Instinctively I reached for the phone, not releasing a) I’m there to relax and b) I’m trying to real in a fishing lour, standing next to a pond and I have a good chance of dropping my cell phone into the pond. The call was from a client who was canceling an event due to lack of attendees. Nuts, a 3 hour job gone—that wasn’t relaxing.

As I cast my lour into the pond looking to land the largest smallmouth bass in history, I received two more calls and again I answered them and while talking all I kept imagining was accidentally dropping my cell phone into the pond. Needless to say I did have some fun, but if you’re going to go fishing and your trying to relax, don’t bring your cell phone.

As entertainers we need to take a time out and refuel our energy to continue improving our skills and taking time out to relax and enjoy your hard work every now-and-then. This will make an entertainer stronger and wiser. So stop what you’re doing, dig out your fishing pole and go fishing for the big one, but make sure you leave your cell phone at home.

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