Get Off Your Butt and Do Something!

I just spent an hour of my day cutting the lawn when I remember reading about the Zero laser mower. A mower that removes grass blades with the futuristic power of laser beams.  If I had this mower, I could sit back and relax, spend quality time with my son Carter or give the dog a haircut.  I really need to figure out the proper way to give my dog a haircut.  She’s a good-looking dog and not one of those ugly dogs you see on the Internet.

After a quick daydream, I walked into the house to see Carter contently sitting on his little couch with his hand plunged deep into a kid’s cup filled with Gerber Graduates Lil’ Crunchies poofs watching TV. When on came an advertisement for Noggin’s weekly TV lineup.  As I sat there listening to the Noggin lineup they talked about the kid’s show Lazytown, which is one of Carter’s favorite TV shows.

Lazytown’s objective is to teach kids fitness is fun and everyone should be encouraged to participate in physical activities.  The show has been a success and airs in 103 countries.  Its popularity among the kids is causing some parents to dislike Lazytown because the kids getting are hooked on the music.  Just like Barney was fun the first time you saw it, but after the 100th time your kid demands to see it, you start to make up lyrics about killing Barney.

In the middle of the Lazytown advertisement, they talk about the new Lazytown Internet game which struck me funny.  Here is a TV show about getting off your butt and exercising, participating in sports, and doing physical activist, but instead, telling kids to go sit in front of a computer and play a video game.  What is more ironic is that you sit in front of a TV and become a couch potato while watching the TV show. But really, do little kids really sit long enough to become couch potatoes?

At that moment, I figured it was time to shut the TV off and play with Carter.  We found a long balloon that I gave him earlier to play with and we took turns smacking each other with the balloon animal and running around the house.  This was an hour not wasted but enjoyed.  Maybe I’ll start working on teaching him some balloon animals.  This way I can stimulate is creativity along with improve his dexterity.  He’ll have to get his own balloon kit because dad’s balloons are off-limits.

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  1. Hi Dale, I would have to agree with you. I find it sadly ironic that a television show that purports to promote physical activity is instead advertising a video game, which is completely contrary to the message Lazytown wants to be sending. As a new dad, I’m sure you’re finding that little kids don’t need a tv show or internet games to encourage them to run around and play – kids have been doing it on their own for thousands of years!

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