Generate More Business with a Discount

How to Educate a Client about a Discount

I was asked a question about my referral email, especially how I phrased the statement offering clients a 10% discount if they refer business to me.

I also struggle with the problem of phrasing a message to a client in emails. I feel awkward just asking a question, yet each day, I ask people for help. I ask my wife for something out of the refrigerator, a college for a report, or my kids to clean their room. I ask these things without thinking about how I am phrasing the question.

When I write, I tend to overcompensate and get fancy. A question becomes moot or more of a statement, and the emphasis is more on not asking a question but transforming it into a statement. Subconsciously, I read the question and think, what if they say “No”? How do I get them to say “Yes”?

When this occurs, the message becomes misleading and confusing and is not in harmony with the rest. I have now mentally blocked myself, and am fixated on how to write a question that will give me an instant response of “Yes”. There I sit, confused about how to write a simple question.

My solution

I sit at my desk, stare at my computer monitor, and pretend it is a person. Then, strike up a conversation. I look at the monitor and say, “Bob” (it is easier for me if the monitor has a name). “Bob, I am offering all my clients a 10% discount or finder’s fee for helping me find new clients. If you do not want the finder’s fee, I will happily donate it to a charity of your choice.”

I do the same thing with questions. I talk aloud and listen to how I ask the question. I must ignore the voice in my head saying, “What if they say no?” Of course, some people will say no. It is part of life; how often have you heard, “Get up and get it yourself!”


If you cannot overcome the fear of rejection, use the Post Scrip (PS) trick. After your signature, add a PS, and let the question or statement rip. I found that the PS statement is liberating. I can say anything because it is just an extra thought, idea, or a passing statement.

Researchers have shown that the PS statement is highly effective, which is why it is used in sales letters.

Example of a Referral Letter

Hi (Name)

Are you aware that much of my business comes from referrals? Because of this, I am reaching out for help.

Would you be kind enough to pass on the names of one or two people who might need entertainment? People who organize events could use my service.

Here are some ideas on how to use my service and the types of events at which I perform: (list what I do with links to a web page explaining each service).

Thanks for your help.


PS. I am offering all my clients a 10% discount or finder’s fee for helping me find new clients. If you do not want the finder’s fee, I will be happy to donate it to a charity of your choice. I look forward to working with your friends, co-workers, and family.


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