Funny Sayings in Your Show has Parents Talking

Updated on January 16, 2024 to include new information

Has your child ever uttered something, and you said, “Where did you hear that?”

“Dang it!” You know my son is in the room if you hear that expression. Frustrated by something not working right for him, he’ll utter “Dang it” and go on his merry way.  The other day, I heard “Awe, tumbleweeds” come from his mouth.  He heard a new expression from the show Handy Mandy, which he watched.  One of the characters was frustrated, and they used the expression, “Awe, tumbleweeds.”

Awe, tumbleweeds, has a funny ring to it, and as a student of comedy, I’m always interested in finding new words that will bring out a chuckle in children.  My son’s face lights up and becomes animated when he uses that expression.

In Qwinkly’s Blog, New Swear Words, she introduced me to the saying “turtle feathers,” another youthful expression to use when around our kids.  Silly little words can make kids break into laughter and are great to use in a stage show.  Kids leave the show with new words to express when they get frustrated. I’m sure when the child utters awe turtle feathers; parents will question where they heard that expression.  This is a sneaking little way for kids to market your show whenever they say that funny little saying. People will question it, and parents will explain it.  Work the phrase into the show just right, and you may get a catchphrase to brand you to success.

Does your child have a cleaver expression? Entertainers, what wacky words do you use to get the crowd laughing?


“In 2021, I created a show for park districts called ‘By Myself,‘ in the show, I talk about WIFI, but I pronounce it ‘WeFee.’ The response from kids was instantaneous. Whenever I said “the WeFee was down,’ they would erupt as one loud chorus and say, ‘WIFI.

Changing words or modifying the name can make your show remembered. Anytime I hear the “InterWeb,” I think of the car show Grease Monkey, where the owner talked about how he would go on the “InterWeb” and research cars. As comedians know, it only takes a catchphrase to make you go viral.

Does your child have a cleaver expression? Entertainers, what wacky words do you use to get the crowd laughing?

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  1. My sister is 13 and has down syndrome. When mad at someone she says “you bobblehead.” She now says it all the time mad or sad or happy or mad…i already said that…well you get my point its a good clean thing to say. If your balloon pops..instead of ahhh s**’s ahhh bobblehead…. 🙂 use it or don’t, I do, you can too.

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