Fun Balloons at Family Birthday Parties

HappyBirthdayI am at birthday parties each week, and like a server who spends all day catering to people’s requests is not going to a friends party and start catering to their guest.  Yet, I have cousins with little ones and periodically their party fits into my schedule and I find myself at a family birthday party.

My eye scans the room to see what activities are planned and if they have an entertainer coming. Most the time these parties are uneventful.

Now you may be wondering if I pull out my balloons and liven up the party. Nope, since many of those in attendance are family members it makes is harder than most people think.

It is hard to be spontaneous, when you know everything about the audience and they know everything about you. It is even harder to tell a wife joke when she is standing right next to you.

The family life comedy is tossed out the window with the baby. Literately, how can you tell that cute funny little story about your child when they are yelling – “Do you remember Auntie Cole, when I did that”. Comedic timing is lost and so is the joke because my youngest son is using me as a climbing pole and if I do not pay attention to him, you will get the look. You know, the “spousal look”, need I say more.

I do bring my balloons and have them on hand, and if the timing is right – most times family is not expecting me to perform, I may do something. I have learned that I just cannot pull out balloons and start twisting; it throws off the hosts’ mental timing of the party. I watch, listen and if there is an opportunity to liven things up just a bit, I do.

So for all those people who presume I am a hit at my own family party, I am not. I save the good stuff for you the customer and like most parents, attending to my child’s needs are more then I can handle.

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