From twisting balloon animals to blog writer’s, all in a day’s work

What do I write now?

This year’s trend in the balloon industry is now focusing on bumping up website presents through blogging. More and more professional balloon entertainers are working late into the night banging their heads again on the keyboard, trying to figure out what to write to help increase business in this slowing economy.  As entertainers research the Internet, they come across articles encouraging people to blog and generate search engine-friendly content to increase web traffic.  But too often, entertainers overlook these key factors to creating a successful blog.

  • The entertainer must have something to write about
  • The entertainer must be willing to write and do it consistently
  • Articles cannot be taken from other sites, it needs to be original
  • Articles are time consuming to write
  • A readership must be created
  • The blog itself needs to be created

I would encourage any entertainer first to get accustomed to writing. Start by posting comments on other blogs in the industry.  Too often, the entertainer will read an article and not comment.  The comments left should be worthy of the article.  Comments reflect upon your character and the article.  So make your comment sincere and meaningful.

Next, start writing for newsletters or industry-related forums.  This will train you how to work under deadlines and manage your time for writing. You’ll see many blogs go stagnate once the entertainer becomes busy.  Performing becomes the highest priority, and writing blog posts become more of an inconvenience than a priority.

Lastly, create a blog once you gain the love of writing. Writing is an art that takes time to master. Make your articles thought-provoking, informative and current. Don’t paste text in a post just for the sake of posting.  Be creative, informative, and your readers will reward you with comments and become loyal to you and your blog.

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1 thought on “From twisting balloon animals to blog writer’s, all in a day’s work”

  1. Just had to reply because you said so. I love your pen top.
    I used to sell toys and we sold a balloon making kit. I learned how to do a couple and so I appreciate how cool the ones you make are. As a dog trainer, I love the poodle the best. 🙂


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