Zombies Crave Kids Brains

Zombie Bracelet
Zombie Bracelet

Kids What Zombies

It seems that with the popularity of video games, Zombies are very popular this year.  Kids want brain-eating Zombies instead of cute Halloween pumpkin.  I have the two Zombies that I make during Halloween.  The first Zombie has less twisting and more drawing, while the second has more twisting than drawing.

Each year I try to change or improve the design slightly.  This is more for me than the client.  After making 100’s of Zombies all Halloween season, you need to change things up before it becomes boring.   This year’s modification is drawing crooked teeth on the Zombies.  I have made balloon teeth before, but I find twisting a string of perils for teeth are trying on the hands, especially when you have been twisting all week long.

I prefer a goldenrod balloon for the mouth but have used white, yellow, and wintergreen as an alternative.

If you do not like to draw, you can take a quick way out and use the Qualatex 5-inch Zombie balloon.  I am not a big fan of specialty balloons unless I can use them all year round.  My personnel thought is Zombies are part of my Halloween theme collection, and once Halloween is over, I am on to the next holiday theme.  Zombies do not eat turkey, and they skip Christmas. They lay dormant in my bag until next Halloween season. I would rather work on new material then figuring out how I will use up the last three remaining bags of Zombie’s heads.

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